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Mission: Keep NoDa freaky! Facilitate dialog among NoDa businesses, the Charlotte artist community, and patrons everywhere, to provide exposure for our artists and create a memorable artistic presence for all visitors.


Date: 3rd Monday of every month 6-7pm

Location: Local Loaf

Time: 6-7 PM

Know of any Art Happenings? Interested in joining NoDarioty? Email


What we do:

  • Support and commission art projects around the neighborhood through grants

  • Promote local artists and events in and near the neighborhood


2023 Highlights

With the Charlotte Neighborhood Matching Grant, the NoDaRiotiy committee commissioned two newsstands to be designed by local artists Evan Plante and Makayla Binter. The newsstands are a home for our local newspaper, NoDa News! A digital copy is available to read HERE!​​

Evan Plante_edited
Makayla Binter_edited
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