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How to Get to NoDa

While we are a small neighborhood, we are densely packed and popular!

Support our community by not driving to NoDa.

noda map

Light Rail

NoDa is lucky to have not one, but two, Lynx Light Rail stations within our bounds!
To arrive in the central business district of NoDa, take the Lynx Blue Line to 36th
Street Station
. Businesses and attractions include
 the Neighborhood Theater and Industrious NoDa.

To arrive in North NoDa (No-NoDa), take the Lynx Blue Line to Sugar Creek
. Businesses and attractions include The Independent Picture House and Divine Barrel.

NoDa has a few primary CATS Bus Stops circling our business district:

  • Bus Route 23 (Shamrock Dr) will take you down N. Davidson, with a bus stop on N. Davidson between E 34th Street and E 35th Street. Route 23 will also lead up 36th Street towards The Plaza with a bus stop at 36th & The Plaza.

  • Bus Route 3 (The Plaza) will lead you down 36th Street, with a bus stop at the 36th Street Station (across from NoDa Wandry).


Biking & Walking

Biking and walking to NoDa gets easier by the day! Plans to expand the Cross
Charlotte Trail
through NoDa means a dedicated biking and walking path that will
be easily accessible from many other parts of Charlotte and will provide a safe
route. The Little Sugar Creek Greenway leads up from Uptown through Cordelia
Park provides a safe passage as well, with dedicated bike lanes on N. Davidson
leading up to our business district. Most of the back neighborhood streets of NoDa

are safe for biking and walking, but we encourage all that visit to please be
mindful that these roads are shared with cars to and always adhere to traffic signs
and signals.


Scooters & Rideshares

You’ll find a variety of e-scooter rentals throughout the City of Charlotte, including
Lime and Bird. E-Scooters should always be ridden on the road and never on the
sidewalk, and we encourage you to follow the bike paths as described above.

If you are in a part of town that is not conducive to public transportation, biking,
walking, or using an e-scooter, we highly recommend using a rideshare service,
such as Lyft, Uber, or a local taxi service like Crown Cab. Parking in NoDa is
limited and with a heavily pedestrian traveled downtown district, less cars means a
more enjoyable experience for everyone.

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