Hollis Nixon


Position: President
Hometown: Concord, North Carolina
Elected: November 2004

I moved to NoDa in 2002. I knew that I wanted to live in Charlotte, but was hesitant about specific neighborhoods as everything at the time seemed pricey and fairly stale. I remembered NoDa having been a frequenter of Fat City and thought this was the only neighborhood in glassy, shiny Charlotte that would fit me. A neighbor knocked on my door around 6 months after my move and asked if I would run for a NoDa N.A. board position. He became my best friend and I became NoDa N.A. addicted. Ten years later, NoDa still owns my heart. I believe in this neighborhood and the power of community. I also believe in voting, getting involved to influence positive change, rehabilitation of historic structures, ice in Chardonnay, and a decent pair of high heels.

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