Tony Ross

TonyPosition: Vice President
Hometown: TBD
Elected: 2016

I moved to this awesome neighborhood in 2012 when I met my then girlfriend, now fiance (likely by this time you read this wife) Dre. I instantly saw why she was so in love with it.  From the arts to the entertainment to the food/drink and most importantly the people, there is plenty to be excited about.

Within a year we were both active in neighborhood events through the association, participating in clean-ups, tree-banding, Thunder Road, NoDaWeen and much more.  When I was asked to serve on the board in 2015, I considered it an honor.  Having been a Marine, I understand the value of serving the country I love and now I get a chance to translate that to the neighborhood I love.

My proudest achievement as a resident has been participating in the All Arts market.  When I moved to NoDa, I would have said I didn't have an artistic bone in my body.  In the spirit of the Mill Homes and style of the neighborhood, I started creating my own custom light fixtures for our house and have been able to make a fun hobby/side business from them.

As a board member I hope to be able to inspire and help keep NoDa true to its roots as the light rail and the change associated with it evolve the place I love.

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