noda nba

The NoDa Neighborhood and Business Association is the official “Voice of the Arts District”: the volunteer-run nonprofit organization that supports the neighborhood at large.

Neighbors established the Historic North Charlotte Neighborhood Association (HNCNA) in 2001 to spread ideas and remain aware of concerns shared by the neighborhood. The HNCNA is a grassroots organization and is federally recognized as a 501(c)3 charity. In 2012 the NoDa Neighborhood Association and NoDa Business Association joined forces to ensure that all neighborhood interests were represented with one united voice. The HNCNA is now doing business in Mecklenburg County as the NoDa Neighborhood and Business Association (NoDa NBA).

Several committees have been created to address specific needs of the neighborhood. These committees are an integral component to maintaining the neighborhood’s vitality. They help organize or sponsor many events, foster connectivity between neighbors and promote the general well-being of NoDa as Charlotte’s historic arts district.

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