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 The NoDa News is looking for someone to take on the editor position in 2018. This team or person would be responsible for gathering and editing content, working closely with our graphic designer, submitting print jobs with our printer, overseeing distribution, and coordinating with the ads sales manager and NBA treasurer for billing and payment requests.

Please see the detailed Request for Proposal below (or download here). This job should take approximately 40 hours per month. Also note that this has been a volunteer role in the past.

Send proposals by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Proposals are due by December 20, 2017.



1. Executive Summary  

The Historic North Charlotte Neighborhood Association (HNCNA), also known as the NoDa Neighborhood and Business Association (NoDa NBA), is in need of a NoDa News Editor. The NoDa NBA is accepting proposals through this Request for Proposal (RFP) process in order to find a qualified editor to work with a team of writers, designers, and volunteers to produce a monthly newsletter for the NoDa neighborhood. An effective editor will do the following:

  •  Work with the NoDa NBA, newsletter staff, and contributors to establish goals for the NoDa News.
  •  Coordinate a monthly production schedule with contributors, designer, printer, and distributors to produce the newsletter.
  • Solicit and produce relevant content for the newsletter.

The objective of this RFP is to locate an editor that will provide the best overall value to the NoDa NBA. This role has historically been handled by volunteer efforts as the budget is limited.  Although we cannot hire a full-time employee, we recognize the need to have a contract position in place for approximately 40 hours a month. While price is a significant factor, other criteria will form the basis of our award decision, as more fully described in the Mandatory Requirements and Desirable Requirements sections of this Request for Proposal below.

 2. Background

 The NoDa NBA is the official “Voice of the Arts District”: the volunteer-run non-profit organization that supports the neighborhood at large. The NoDa News is the only place where NoDa events and issues are shared with neighbors and others on a regular basis, and is one of most important voices for the NoDa neighborhood. The NoDa News reaches every house and business in NoDa.

 Neighbors established the HNCNA in 2001 to spread ideas and remain aware of concerns shared by the neighborhood. The HNCNA is a grassroots organization and is federally recognized as a 501(c)3 charity. The NoDa Neighborhood Association and NoDa Business Association joined forces in 2012 to ensure all neighborhood interests were represented with one united voice.

3. Mission Statement

 The HNCNA exists to preserve the Historic North Charlotte Neighborhood, to foster local businesses, and to promote NoDa, The Arts District.

 4. Mandatory Requirements of the Role

 The NoDa News Editor must help promote the NoDa NBA, support our local businesses, and enhance our online presence. Successful proposals will clearly demonstrate an understanding of the challenges our neighborhood faces, suggest compelling ideas that will promote the NBA’s interests, and provide evidence of experience managing an online and print publication.

The Editor will be responsible for the following annually:

  • Develop and execute an annual calendar of topics relevant to the neighborhood and required to support stated goals (below)
  • Serve as the coordinator for 11 publications (February through December) to be produced before the first Tuesday of each month.
  • Provide oversight to the editorial calendar, content layout, and proof reading
  • Coordinate distribution with the voluntary block captains

5. Desirable Requirements of the Role

Annually, the NBA sets clear actionable goals and works throughout the year to bring those ambitions to fruition. The NoDa News Editor should understand these objectives and work in conjunction with the NBA to help achieve them. Similarly, effective RFPs will consider these goals and provide concepts to address them.

The NBA’s 2017 NBA goals are as follows:

  •  Increase participation:
    • Memberships, dues paying, volunteers, etc.
    • Challenge the members to volunteer and participate 
    • Increase NoDa Business cohesion and collaboration
  • Revamp NoDa NBA fundraising and sponsorship plans

  • Celebrate the reopening of 36th Street

  • Work to achieve neighborhood mission:
    • Green goals
    • Preserve history
    • Public art installation/improvements/rehabilitations
    • Branding improvement

6. Quality Measures

 a.      Publications executed on deadline by the first Friday of each month of publication.

  • Work with the NoDa News designer on layout / proof document the last weekend of each month prior to print
  • Upload a Press Order for the paper to be printed
  • Coordinate with distributors that routes are covered and papers delivered.
  • Communicate with NBA Treasurer and Ad Sales Team regarding contract terms, billing, etc.
  • Verify publications meet quality standards (proper grammar and punctuation, accuracy, readability, etc.)
  •  Ensure that online file is made available for upload to website

b.      Monthly NoDa News published online and in print, including:

  • Soliciting content from community members
  • Gathering content into an edited document of articles, graphics, and ads
  •  Delivering the document and related files to the designer

c.       Weekly contact with NoDa NBA Board about events and information to be included in the NoDa News.

d.      Yearly meeting with the NoDa NBA Board to review goals and strategies.

e.      Responsive to email queries to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. email address within two business days.

 f.        Weekly contact with NoDa News designer, sales force, distribution team, and NBA Treasurer, including quarterly in-person meetings.

 7.  Proposal Guidelines

 a.      Applicants should demonstrate the mastery of the following skills by referring to specific positions or experiences in which they gained or have used them:

  • Knowledge of editing for a paper
  • Has an eye for communication design
  • Personable – can respond to emails from potential advertisers, neighbors, community members, etc.
  • Acts as a sounding board/mediator when articles, ads, etc. are being deliberated
  • Detail oriented and deadline driven – ability to deliver on time, every time
  • Can act as a leader on a team of leaders – someone who brings this paper to life on a monthly basis, fully supported by ad sales.

b.      Applicants should address how they have the ability to fulfill the tasks above.

 c.       Applicants should show their interest in contributing to the positive energy of NoDa.

 d.      The NoDa NBA is recognized as a 501(c)3 organization. We ask that applicants consider this recognition as part of their bid and indicate a discounted rate as well as a customary rate for tax purposes.

8.  Closing Date of Receipt of Proposals: December 20, 2017

9.  Evaluation of Proposals

All RFPs will be considered equally by the NoDa NBA Board and Executive Officers. Each submission should include a letter of application, a resume of relevant experience and education, and a list of three professional references, as well as a detailed request for payment for the estimated 40 hours of work a month that this position entails.

 Out of respect to all applicants, the details during the decision process will remain confidential to the NoDa NBA Board and Executive Officers. 

10. Response to Queries

 Queries to the RFP process will be addressed in a timely manner. While we will not be able to provide updates, details, or commentary on the proposal decision process, you may address specific questions regarding the RFP Proposal document to the NoDa NBA Board at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .