Welcome to the ART HOLE

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As of Wednesday, July 1, NoDa has a new addition to its art scene - Welcome to the Art Hole. PBR (Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer) will be hosting a pop-up art gallery called the Art Hole that will feature local, regional and national artists.

For those of you who don’t know, PBR has continually funded and supported the arts by commissioning public artworks (murals) and art happenings (including live paintings and music events) throughout the year. These events have taken place in our neighborhood and all over the city/state/nation, at a time when the number of our precious art galleries have been, unfortunately, dwindling. This summer, and into the late fall, PBR will be bringing you a unique gallery featuring a cross-section of graphic, low-brow, street, and modernist/post-modernist art work (as well as a pumpkin carving show) for your viewing and, in some case, participation.

The Art Hole is located at the corner of 35th Street and Whiting Avenue (the former location of NoDa Yoga). It is free and open to the public, and shows often include cookouts and music by some of the finest DJ’s in the city.

Whether you drink their beer or not, come support the folks that have been supporting the arts while many others have been lacking, and have a good time and see some great art too!


Wed July 1: National PBR Art Show

Fri July 17: the Pucketts

Fri August 7: Matt Hooker, Matt Moore, Alex DeLarge

Fri August 28: Pabst “Localized Art Show” 

Fri September 11: P/V + Friends 

October date TBD: Haloween-themed show

Wed October 21: Pumpkin Carving Show 

Fri November 6: RIP Pabst Van – Final Show

Fri November 9: Gallery Closes